Where are we Loving Everyone, Life by Life?

Check out the map below for an updated look at how the movement is expanding.

We live in a world that pits life against life, creating strife and division, brokenness and addiction. But don’t despair. We can see glimpses of hope and unity where love is expressed life by life. Your story could spark the change you want to see! To fully resource 20 Networks across greater-Austin and 2 new campuses in Pflugerville and Buda/Kyle, we encourage you to give to the campus you normally attend on Sunday and we’ll reach our goal together.

Love Everyone Life by Life Series

Celebrating 20 Years

God’s plan is to change the world life by life.
He’s been accomplishing His work one life at a time since the beginning.
Join the movement to love everyone across our city, one person at a time.

Featured Story: Karen

“Love is what connects us all. Love is what makes us feel human.”

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